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Good afternoon families!

Today Miss Daisy was away so the Pre Kindy and Kindergarten classes combined with Miss Nicole and Miss Camilla.

Eljay, Harrison and Jay engaged in water play in the sandpit. They enjoy touching the water as it comes out of the tap and squishing their toes in the wet sand. Issey was Mr Blaires helper this morning and helped him to great the children and find his way around the yard. Charlotte, Ashlesh and Jay rode around as fast as they could with Miss Camilla. Hunter really loves the trucks so he was busy pushing the trucks along behind his friends on the bikes.

After morning tea Miss Nicole set up two tables with art activities for us to participate in. We decorated Easter eggs to hang up around the room and we made some face masks for our Easter craft afternoon. After we had finished creating our beautiful masterpieces we were able to pull out some toy boxes and play with our peers. We enjoyed playing with blocks, mobilo and home corner.

Before lunch Miss Camila read us some Dr Seuss stories and Harrison even sang the class a song about ‘Peter Rabbit having a prickle in his foot’. The children have really been engaging with educators this week and have been retaining the songs and information the educators are introducing to them. It is exciting to see and such a positive affirmation for us staff.

Have a great Friday night and hopefully we will see you on Saturday for our Easter craft afternoon!