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Good afternoon families

Today the Pre Kindy and Kindergarten rooms combined into the Kindergarten room as the Pre Kindy room was receiving some much needed shelving.

We welcomed our new friend Lilly into the room today. will be in the Pre Kindy room with Miss Nicole.

Outside we played absolutely everywhere as you could expect! Aleks and Axel had a great time rolling around in the pop up castle cubby house. Bella could be found lying in the sandpit making beautiful sand angels. Hunter and Nicolas were chasing each other around on the bikes as fast as they could muster. Harrison realized that there are ‘Diamonds’ (tiles) on the inside of the sandpit and if you dig down you can find even more! Harrison was kept very busy with his find and continued to dig a giant hole underneath the slides. 

Lilly joined us during morning tea and after her mum left was a little distressed, Harrison and Miss Nicole asked about what kind of things she wanted to do today she said she likes drawing and then asked if we had bubbles. luckily Miss Kylie had just sent us up some very special packs of bubbles. 

After morning tea we came inside to participate in group time and then some free play. Hunter, Axel and Nicolas were very busy building with the mobilo. Bella, Aleks and Harrison found a box of nails, hammers, shapes and cork board. Together they sat while Harrison explained what they were meant to do with the pieces they found. Lilly walked around the room showing her teachers how well she could blow bubbles. Jay arrived during this and promptly joined the boys in the mobilo corner. Miss Nicole also happened to find some very cool play dough that Miss Daisy had made earlier in the week to play with. Ash came soon after the play dough was put onto the tables and had a great time moulding the play dough into shapes.

Today has been a wonderful way to end the week. Thank you to all the children and families for making every day so fantastic. It is great being surrounded by such great people when you work.

 I (Miss Nicole) will be seeing you all in May after my holiday. Have an amazing few weeks and I wish you all the best!

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