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hello Senior Kindy families and welcome to another friday fun day !

we started off our day with a big play outside with the music blasting through the yard and down the stairs inviting those friends arriving to join us. There were friends at the painting table getting our eater decorations ready, friends up on the hill under the tree engaging in lots of conversations and friends racing around the yard on bikes or foot.

We had a very relaxed day in the senior kindy room today. Daisy, Louis, Henry, Claudia and Jamie went with Miss Kim and Kate while those who stayed behind explored the room. Pia, Jules, Sammy, Sadie and Charlotte were busy in the home corner whipping up  awesome treats while Kesem, Max, Levi, Zac and Emilia were in the book corner reading books to eachother or having some quiet time to themselves. As our friends arrived back from gymnastics it was time for Arakan, we all made out way outside and enjoyed some Arakan to finish of our morning activities.

Miss Elizabeth, Miss Dakota and Mr Lachie