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hello senior kindy families! happy Tuesday.

It was another wild weather morning which had us stuck inside again. Our friends were slow to arrive to kindy this morning, so the room was very calm with friends moving from activities. There was some easter coloring on the tables which some friends enjoyed doing, others enjoyed some construction work with the magnets and other friends moved through the home corner to the book corner relaxing and watching the rain fall down outside.

Today we extended on our easter activities. In a tray there was pastel coloured rice to match the theme of easter. In the tray there was easter bunnies and easter eggs creating a great sensory activity for the children. At the tables the children drew on the paper with colors that matched the colors of easter and drew the easter eggs they would like and a garden for the easter bunny to hop through.

Sadie, Charlotte, Jonathan, Connor, Levi, Remi and Arianna sat at the table drawing their easter theme art. Pia, Alby and Daisy were busy in the quiet/book corner where they used connectors, blocks and read books to each other or on their own. Jules, Sammy, Zac and Zoe where busy in the home corner cooking some lunch and washing the dishes after. Connor and Louis spent some time at the investigation table. The gym was closed today due to the rain so there was no gymnastics. Miss Kim still came up to our room to hang out for a bit. We did some stretching and lots reading. All of our friends showed great listening ears and Miss Kim was very happy

Miss Dakota and Miss Gillian