hello, senior kindy families and welcome to Tuesday in the senior kindy room.

Our day started off with a big play in the yard soaking up the sun and good weather. Alby, Pia, Daisy, and Remi sat with Miss Elizabeth in the sandpit and used the shovels to dig and dig trying to reach the bottom.

Jule’s daddy told us that they speak Spanish at home, so we were lucky enough to have Miss Alex in our room and she sang some Spanish songs with our friends. We will continue to incorporate all cultures that are found in our room into our learning.

Lunch today was some delicious lasagne and the children were all super excited to get stuck into it. The children used this time to wind down and engaged in quiet conversation.

We spent our activity time today doing activities based of the children’s interests. Jonathan enjoyed some quiet time reading some books and Sammy brought the dinosaurs to life stomping them around the room and roaring at those who passed by. Sadie, Remi, Jules, Levi, Connor, Daisy, Alby, and Pia enjoyed using their imagination with some self-expression painting. Charlotte asked if we could listen to Elsa’s music and sung along to her favorite songs all morning.

Its been another great day to start the year off. All children happily explore their new room and have created lots of new connections with old friends and educators and are doing a great job at creating new ones.

Please remember to have names on all your children’s belongings.


Please put a set of sheets in your children’s bag that are labelled clearly with their name

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Dakota