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Senior Kindy – Friday, 10th January, 2020

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Hello and good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, Happy FriYAY. Welcome to Friday the 10th of January 2020.

Today we had a lovely morning spent out in the yard with all our friends, we especially the connector bocks we had lots of towers being build and falling down with lots of smiles and laughs.

We had bike races around the sandpit area, mowing lawns with the lawn mowers and our babies being cared for very well around the yard.

This morning it was a little warmer than yesterday so we decided to head inside to begin our morning. We lined up as one big train behind Miss Stace as we made our way inside to sit down on the mat and have our group time. Today Miss Stacey brought our her finger puppets we listened to 5 Little Monkeys, Slippery fish and 5 little sausages we all had an absolute ball during mat time today. We also sung our good morning song, welcome to country and our days of the week as we practised clapping to the tune and sing.

Once Miss Stacey had marked our roll we each friend one by one made there way to the bathroom to wash their hands and get ready for some yummy morning tea. This morning we had yummy fruit jelly, with vanilla yogurt and some fresh fruits on the side. It was very yummy that we had some friends love the jelly so much they asked for seconds and some even thirds!

After we had all filled up our bellies with morning tea we all were very excited to go and play in our room with all our friends. We had lots happening in the café with food and drinks for all, we had superheros flying around the room, dinosaurs roaring, building being built and knocked down, puppet show, Lego construction, relaxing in book corner reading a book and we had some friends today who wanted to help Miss Shannen feed the fish.

About mid morning we had Mr Daniel arrive to say hello to all our new friends and take them outside in the Senior Kindy yard for Arakan – Martial Arts. The children had so much fun they all did running races, dogging soft pads with Mr Daniel and running to the soft toys and returning them back to Mr Daniel. They all did so well for their first time. Arakan is each Friday.

When the children all came back inside from Arakan we had a little dance and then packed away all our toys and room and get ready for lunch and rest time.

Enjoy the photos from today, we hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday for another fun and exciting week in Senior Kindy with Miss Stace and Miss Shannen

Parents please bring in your family photos for us to add to our family tree.

Thank you

Miss Stace and Miss Shannen xx





Written by elcseniorkindy

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