Hello and happy Friday to all the senior kindy families and welcome to our daily blog to know more about how has been our day at the hills

Our morning started at the senior kindy class, there were lots of activities settled on the tables including some Christmas drawing which children really enjoyed,Miss Bea took the sharpener to put some point to the pencils, and children showed a big curiosity about that we decided to have a turn and explore how it worked.

At 8 am despite the overcast weather we decided to go for a quick play and burn some energy before the rain came, we went to the storage room where all the toys are and as the children requested we put away the bikes, balls, dinosaurs, and the big blocks we also had some Christmas music for those ones ready to shake the body since early in the morning

Today Miss Shannen is away, but we hope that she recovers very soon so we can have you back in your Senior Kindy class!! Instead, we had Miss Nataly, it’s been her first day at the Hills and we hope you feel very welcome to be with us!!

After a fun play outside, we came to the class to enjoy some delicious French toast with berries jam and fresh fruit that Miss Kristie made for us, then we joined Miss Stacey on the mat to pass the roll, sing our days of the week, welcoming of the land and read Rafaela’s book called Max and Talloullah and a book about outer space and planets and then discusses our paper mache activity that we would participate in during activity time as a group activity.

Everybody was such in a good mood and full of energy that we decided to have a dance floor party on the mat: we danced some cool funky songs and our favorites as: gummy bear, sleepy bunnies, party freeze dance and pump it up, we ended up making a huge circle holding hands with all the educators and copying all the steps creating a choreography, it was soo much fun, good coordination senior kindy!!

Then we let the kids have free play, the children loved playing with the capes using their imagination to be a superhero, the home corner was full-on making delicious breakfast and we got also a handcraft activity:

Paper Mache planets: The children sat in small groups in a fine motor sensory activity, using strips of paper to completely cover a balloon. The children used hand eye co-ordination to cover the entire balloon in the paper and we will leave it set to dry over the weekend and observe and discuss the results when we return to kindy on Monday.

Because of the rain, we missed out our weekly Arakan class but it was a good opportunity to keep practicing making our own beds, everyone did such a good job that children could enjoy a special story about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and how he came to lead Santas sleigh. The children used excellent listening skills and enjoyed this festive experience. Then we sat down on the table to enjoy our tasty taquitos served with fresh guacamole and veggies so we could have a nice rest enjoying the rain as the soundtrack

We plan to extend further by asking our supervisors if we could hold a Christmas pyjama movie day next week for the children as a final celebration of a great year!!

Senior kindy thanks for one of the most special week of the year, we hope you have the best weekend and we will see you next Monday!


Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Nataly and Miss Bea xxx