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Senior Kindy – Friday 11th October 2019

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This morning Miss Neve did a group time, singing days of the week and our good morning song first.

Today we had some amazing books from Mason, Rohan and Florence. Mason’s book was very funny and made us all laugh because it was called “My Monster smells Gross.” “LOOK! M for Mason” said Mason. “And M for Matthew” said Matthew. We all went through the book until we found the letter than started our names and then we read Florence’s book.

Florence’s book was called “Who sank the boat?” and we all laughed at the end when it was the little mouse who did it.

Lastly it was Rohan’s  books about Monster Trucks and Fire trucks! We loved this book and we stayed so quiet when the voice came from the book to read.

Before  lunch the children had a big play outside with Miss Neve and Miss Gillian and then came inside and made our beds with our sheets from home!  

This morning we had a very calm and relaxed morning, the children were able to go from activity to activity.

Babies and prams – Mia, Charlie B, Zoey, Connor, Charli, Sara, Julia and Rohan.

Pumpkin coloured play dough – Everyone! (Connor and Matthew wanted orange play dough today)

Home corner – Everyone explored this area today.

Construction area- Mason, Rohan, Matthew, Rohan, Charlie B, Connor, Ollie, Charli, Mia, Julia, Ada, Sara, Ari and Leo.

Spider hand painting activity – Everyone. Most of the kids were giggling as Miss Neve painted their hands, they thought the sensation of the paint and brush on their hands was tickly! Other children didn’t like it and pulled funny faces! (Charlie B, Rohan)  

Book corner – Florence, Mia, Zoey, Connor, Matthew, Ada, Charli, Mason and Charlie B. 

Thank you all for a beautiful week in Senior Kindy

Have an amazing weekend! 

Miss Neve and Miss Gillian. 

Written by elcseniorkindy

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