This morning we sang our days of the week song and our good morning song.

We read Sammy’s Wiggles book, thanks so much for bringing it in.

We then talked about the Virtual reality show about Aboriginal tribes and their different dances.

The children were excited for the show.


Before lunch we did some dancing inside with the disco ball on. Ada wanted to dance to the Little Mermaid and Connor wanted Baby shark. We then sat down and read the stories ‘10 Little pirates’, ‘Knuffle bunny’ and ‘There were ten in the bed’. For activity time today we explored-

  • VR Aboriginal show- Mason, Connor, Charlie B, Charli, Julia, Ari, Jovie and Sammy.
  • Igloo exploring!! Everyone explored this today.
  • Shaving cream table with animals – Zoey, Jovie, Ari, Ada, Charlie B, Charli, Connor, Sammy, Julia and Mason.
  • Moon sand sensory box- Mason, Charli, Connor, Sammy, Julia, Jovie, Rohan, Zoey and Ari.
  • New farm animals, the little people and theme park rides. – by lunch every had a turn.
  • Cutting – Jovie, Julia, Connor and Sammy
  • Home corner- Ari, Jovie, Julia and Zoey
  • Building area – Mason, Sammy, Connor and Rohan.
  • Rice sensory trough – Connor, Sammy, Mason, Ada, Charli, Charlie B and Zoey.

Have a great weekend!

Thea and Neve


Written by elcseniorkindy