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Senior Kindy – Friday 13th December 2019

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This morning for group time we sang our days of the week song and our good morning song.

After we made our beds and had lunch we read Connor book called “That’s not my pony” and Ada’s Care Bear book! We loved those stories thank you very much.

Today for playtime we just had free choice play. everyone was playing together nicely inside as outside it was just way too hot!

orange playdough –  everyone explored this today.

Blue sensory moon sand (it also smelled like blueberries)- we added bowls and spoons. The children enjoyed moulding the sand with their hands

and making sandcastles. – everyone came around and explored this at some point of the morning.

Drawing at the table – Charli, Ada, Connor, Mia, Zoey and Lilah.

home corner – everyone explored this area today

Building blocks area –  Rohan, Leo, Connor, Charlie S-C, Oscar, Chloe, Ada and Mason.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thea and Neve


Written by elcseniorkindy

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