This morning Miss Neve did an awesome group time using the felts and felt board, she got all the children involved and they loved it! We also read Marko’s and Julia’s book, thanks for sharing!

We then had a look at our growing plants, we could see some of them starting to grow! Everyone was happy when Miss Neve said they could take it home.Before lunch, we had a big play outside in the warm sun. we then did some running races to our favourite songs, baby shark, 10 little racing cars and self control.

Today we had a special show called “The proud foots”. Lucas Proudfoot was very funny, he did lots of different voices and lots of funny jokes. He played the guitar, didgeridoo and stomp box, the children did lots of dancing and laughing!

Lucas also talked to us about his Aboriginal culture, he was able to keep everyone entertained for the whole hour!

we hope you have an awesome weekend!

Thea and Neve




Written by elcseniorkindy