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Senior Kindy – Friday 14th June, 2019

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After a long play outside we have inside for some yummy raison toast and fruit. The children then had the opportunity to do Arakan with Mr Dan. Mason, Sara, Ari, Connor and Julia.


Before lunch we had a big group time with our favourite books and felt stories. Everyone had great listening ears on!

For activity time we had a range of different activates to interest everyone, we explored:

-To extend off Mason’s interest in stars and the moon we made our own stars using yellow paint and gold glitter. To make the moon we used shaving foam and white paint. Zoey, Charlie, Sara, Mason, Ada, Sammy, Olivia, Marko, Connor, Ari and Julia.

– Shaving cream play – everyone

-coloured pegs and peg boards- Ada liked using the white pegs while Rohan, Ada, Mason and Ari used all the rainbow colours. .

– Cutting- using beginner scissors was great as these help the children to open and close. Everyone had a turn at this! Great job guys!

– Home corner- Connor, Sammy, Marko, Rohan, Sara and Ada explored this, great sharing friends.

– Lego building blocks- Rohan, Olivia, Ari, Sara, Connor, Marko, Charli, Zoey and Sammy

have a great weekend!

Thea and Neve



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