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Hello and Happy Valentines Day to all our friends and families of the Senior Kindy room, welcome to Friday the 14th of February 2020.


This morning was yet another wet day and we spent the morning indoors as the yard and sandpit area was just way to wet.

We all were very playful this morning with all our friends from Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy. We had lots of toys and activities out and across the room while we waited for more friends to arrive for the day.

We played on the mat and table areas until just after 9am, we all packed away the toys and put the, back in their homes before sitting down on the green mat today with Miss Stacey.

We say a very big hello and good morning to all our friends and teacher, clapped along to the Days of the week song where today we all knew it was FRIDAY! We said our welcome to country and today we did it all by ourselves! Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen were so proud of us all!

During our mat time today we started with our first Book Bee Program that our Friend Raphael brought in to share with us all.  ‘In My Heart’ and stood at the front of the class holding the book and turning the pages for Miss Stacey. We then discussed the weather and read the book Thelma The Unicorn that Miss Stacey brought from the shops to add to our book shelf.

The children then transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands Transitions: Bee Bee Bumble Bee and Identifying ourselves with photos.

We all sat down and enjoyed a yummy morning tea that Miss Kristie made for us we had fresh fruit and yummy raisin fruit toast; we ate it all up leaving not a crumb insight!

Today being Valentines Day Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen painted red love hearts on our cheeks then we each took a photo holding a Happy Valentines Day sign with a big SMILE! CHESSE we all said!

We have printed out each photo of our friends and put them up on the art easel for you all to take home and keep, they are really cute and hope you all love them!

The morning was lots of fun with lots of free play and dancing and what better way to spend today then with all the friends we love!

We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and stays dry,

See you all on Monday

Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx

Written by elcseniorkindy

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