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Well what a wonderful day we have had in the Senior Kindy room, the children had the best time outside playing in the yard with their friends from next door, we came inside early today as we had a very special show to attend. Some of our friends went to gymnastics while our other friends waited and played before the show.

With great excitement the senior kindy class lined up art the door so excited to go see the animal wildlife show the children got to see a snake, a lizard, a possum, a tawny frog-mouth, a baby crocodile as well as lots of other animals we all did such a great job at the show listening to the host talk about al the animals and interacting with them when given the opportunity.

The children also attended their arakan class which they all love participating in.

Before we new it it was time for lunch and a rest what a busy day we have had here in the senior kindy room.

Have a great weekend Miss Elizabeth and Mr Lachie.