This morning we sat down for group time sang our good morning song and days of the week song. This morning Miss Neve read our story ‘Stop means Stop’, and then had a group discussion with the children about how we need to use our words instead of our hands.

We then had a look at some new toys, we have lots of cars, planes and trains. A singing and dancing toy that was donated by Rohan, the children laughed when it started to sing ABC.

Before lunch we did some fun dancing and running races outside! it was such a beautiful day today.  Today for activity time we had:

  • Home corner, babies, purses and the small toy food from Coles – Mia, Charlie, Lilah, Zoey, Matthew, Julia, Charlie B, Connor, Rohan, Sammy, Ada and Sara.
  • Building area, playing with lego and magnetic connecting blocks. – Charli, Rohan and Charlie B (played together!), Sammy, Mason, Charlie, Connor, Sara, Ari, Julia, Olivia, Mia and Lilah.
  • Cutting- Mia, Mason, Zoey, Sammy, Olivia and Ada.
  • Dancing and singing doll – everyone through out the morning.
  • Cars, planes and trains – Everyone!
  • Sea animal felts and felt boards- Mason, Charlie B, Sara, Ari, Julia, Lilah, Mia, Connor and Sammy.

Next week is Book Week so if you have any books that you are happy to share please feel free to bring them in.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thea and Neve



Written by elcseniorkindy