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Good Afternoon Families, what a warm day we’ve had!

Our morning began enjoying ourselves out in the Senior and Pre Kindy-Yard. We have implemented a new hat basket system for the children to find their hats in the morning and to place their hats in once leaving in the afternoon. This system seems to be working well, and we appreciate those families who take their hats home to be cleaned.

We came inside a little earlier this morning as it was a bit warm and we had a big drink of water. For morning tea we were treated to some delicious fruit and crackers. We then sat on the mat for a group time with Miss Stacey.

This morning we implemented our reward chair system and our visual timetable.  This morning Kaia and Audrey were chosen to be Miss Stacey’s special helpers, and they were so proud and excited. We as educators ensure all children have a fair turn and different children are chosen every group time and every day. Miss Stacey displayed her flashcards in which was the order of our group time activities. First we had a story, we read the Ugly Duckling, then we enjoyed our pirate felt board story and finally we discussed today’s activities so that the children had a clear understanding and outline of the day.

At 10am some of our friends went to tumble tots, whilst the rest of us gathered at the sunshine table and on the floor with Miss Stacey.

At the sunshine table Miss Bea introduced a very exciting activity to the children, today we made plaster hands! The children were required to splay their hand out on the table and were asked to keep it very still. Miss Bea then placed small strips of plaster bandages on the children hands to create a 3d cast of their hand. It was very impressive. The children showed a lot of trust in Miss Bea’s work and was a great was to spend some one-on-one time with an educator communicating back and forth. We plan to extend on this activity further over the next week with the children painting their creepy skeleton hands!

Our second activity was a group activity with Miss Stacey. The children were all asked to sit in a circle as we passed the heavy pumpkin around, making comments about how smooth it felt and how big it was. Miss Stacey then took ‘Sally Mark’ to the kitchen bench where she cut the top of his head, giving him a ‘haircut.’ Once the top of the pumpkin was cut, we took the lid off and had a look inside. It was super slimy and had lots of seeds in it. The children then took turns to scoop out the seeds using spoons. The seeds were quite slippery and small so this was an excellent cognitive, fine motor challenge to try and scoop a slimy seed onto the spoon and successfully take it out and into a bowl. Miss Stacey then went in and scraped the sides as it was a little tough for us, we then took turns to take handfuls of the pumpkin out and into a bowl. We used sustainable learning to teach the children not to waste the pumpkin but to reuse our pumpkin insides for the worm farm, so the worms have something delicious and nutritious to eat. After we scooped Sally Mark clean, it was time for our Arakan class. So whilst the children were busy working on their martial arts skills, Miss Stacey got to work with the Stanley knife to bring Sally Mark to life. During Arakan the children practiced running races, learning our body parts, learning to high five a boxing pad, using our executive functioning skills and listen whether our instructor told us to hit the pad lightly or softly, then after hitting the pad, to go and collect it. The children had so much fun.

When we returned inside it was time pack away and make our beds. Miss Stacey and Miss Bea didn’t even have to ask the children today, they just went ahead and began collecting mattresses out of the cupboard. We are so proud of how independent you are all becoming.

It was then time for our favourite time of the day… Lunch, and what better meal than PIZZA. Of course we all ate all our lunch and Miss Bea even had to go to the kitchen for seconds. We were well and truly ready for bed now… But we had one surprise. Our Pumpkin Sally Mark was ready to come to life! We turned of the lights and counted to 5, and like magic… Sally Mark lit up the classroom with his big eyes and huge smile. The children were in awe, and found it so fascinating. A lot of the children told Miss Stacey and Miss Bea that they want to show their mummies and daddies, so for the afternoon, Sally Mark will live down in reception so that all the children can show their families!

Today has been such a fun day, and we’ve had a fantastic week!


  1. Photos are next week, so don’t forget to pack your pretty outfits, and your big smiles! If you have any requests about photo days, please write them in our communication book and we will check that daily. Photo’s run for the entire week and we are unsure of the order that the photographers will photograph each class or particular students so please just be mindful and organised so we can run it as smoothly as possible! We can’t wait!
  2. New Incident Trauma Book. Much like our communication book, we also have an incident book that records any injuries that may have happened at home. We ask that if your child ever has an injury you fill out a page in this book so that it is recorded for legal purposes. If you wish to have a look at the layout, the book sits on the brown table located outside of the office along with our communication book. Thank you.

Thank you for another fantastic day Senior Kindy. Have a fabulous night.

Lots of Love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Bea x