When morning tea was ready the children transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands for a delicious morning tea of sultana toast and fruit.


After the children gobbled up the food they gathered on the mat with Miss Thea for our Autumn song, the children really love this song and they all sing along.  


Once we finished our morning group Mr Dan came to teach Arakan to anyone who wanted to participate. – Olivia, Julia, Ari, Connor, Ollie, Edie, and Ada.


Before lunch we sat on the mat to read the stories ‘Fish dinner’, ‘Row your boat’ and ‘The lamington man’. The children also did some groovy dancing to the wiggles and baby shark!During activity time the children self-selected their learning experience:

  • Lego blocks – Ada, Connor and Rohan.
  • Coloured teddy bears and coloured carts- this was popular with everyone at least playing for 10 minutes minimum!

Autumn leaf matching –Julia, Zoey, Ari and

  • Oat sensory box with bottles, spoons, bowls and cup. We are extending off Rohan’s interest in porridge. Everyone explored this today!

Have a lovely weekend!


Thea and Des


Written by elcseniorkindy