Good Afternoon Senior Kindy Families.

And so we have reached the second last week of our time here at Benowa Hills for 2020. Time truly does fly!

We has another wet morning this morning, so we decided to stay inside where it was nice and dry. Miss Shannen was unfortunately away again today so we wish her all our well wishes for a quick recovery and hope that she can join us back here next week! Instead, we were joined by the wonderful Mr Pete, who was also in our room yesterday, so the children really enjoyed playing and getting to know him for a second day in a row.

Our morning began playing in the Pre Kindy classroom, which was a great way to transition some of the children who will be in that room next year, and to get them used to their new environment. In this classroom we enjoy playing in the home corner, the rice sensory trough and building with different cognitive activities. We also enjoyed listening to Christmas music to spark our spirits for the holiday period fast approaching.

The weather finally dried up and it was safe enough to go outside for a quick play. The children enjoyed walking over the wooden bridge, recreating their versions of the popular story, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff,’ riding the bikes around the yard and playing with the big yoga bouncy balls, kicking, throwing, and rolling them back and forth between friends. The cubby house was used as an ice cream parlour and the children really enjoyed exploring the bark area, noticing that the texture of this area was quite damp, so we needed to play very carefully.

After a busy morning it was time to wash our hands and come inside for some morning tea. Today we enjoyed some delicious French toast and fresh fruit. We ate it all up and asked for seconds.

It was then time to join Miss Stacey on the mat for our morning group time. We said good morning, called the roll and discussed the weather. We then sang our two days of the week songs and our Rafaela had a wonderful book to share with us which helped us with our numeracy skills. Miss Stacey then chose to use the easel and some paper to draw figurines to help tell the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs.’ The children really enjoyed watching Miss Stacey draw and the story come to life. At the end of the story Miss Stacey asked the children what activities they wanted to participate in and playdough appeared to be a very popular request. So Miss Bea quickly got all the utensils and ingredients ready so that the children could help her make some playdough.

To extend on our Three Little Pigs Story, we decided to make the playdough pink so that they children could make their own little pigs and could build the houses they lived in. This was a large group activity and the children all stayed very engaged for about an hour. Other activities such as letter identification threading, puzzles and cognitive building blocks were set up on the other tables along with our home corner, dress ups and sensory bottles for the children to utilize and play with.

Mr Dan then arrived for our weekend Arakan lesson. We split into two groups and went outside to build upon our physical skill abilities. The children always get so excited for this class and have so much fun!

Today was our final day for Tumble Tots for 2020. We would love to send a big thankyou and share our appreciation to Miss Kim and Miss Kate for making Tumble Tots what it is today and always making sure the children have a fantastic time whilst building upon their physical skill abilities and helping to build confidence and improve upon their developmental milestones each week. Your work does not go un-noticed and for that we are grateful!

Also whilst I have the opportunity of writing the blog, I would just like to say a big thank you to all the families that have worked and co-operated with us this year, during such testing times with covid and all the new policies and procedures we have had to put in place to ensure your children remained in the best quality of care possible. It has been an amazing year of learning and growing with all our little friends and I am super grateful for such a fantastic year in the Senior Kindy room.

Lastly, I’d just like to say a big thank you to Miss Shannen and Miss Bea and all the floats for their constant support and dedication towards the Senior Kindy class. All these staff members work so hard and most definitely deserve praise for all their hard work and engagement with the children. I am a little bit jealous that Miss Bea and Miss Shannen get to follow our friends up to the Kindergarten classrooms, but I will be sure to visit them from time to time so that they remember me 😛

Have a fabulous weekend and stay safe. See you next week for our final week before the Christmas Holidays!

A reminder that we will close on Christmas Eve at 2pm and we will reopen 4th January, 2021 and our friends will transition to their new classroom on this date.

Lots of Love,

Miss Stacey, Miss Bea and Mr Pete x