The children were back outside today enjoying the cool morning running around with their friends. Today the children loved using the textas to draw lots of pictures for their families. The children also had fun riding on the bikes, playing in the sand pit and rolling and dancing with the hula hoops.

Today the children sat with Miss Elizabeth to call the class roll the children used their big loud voices to say that they are here. The children also had an amazing conversation with Miss Elizabeth we planned out all the activities that we want to do at Halloween time the children got very excited while we spoke about all the fun crafts we would be doing. We only had a quick group time this morning as we had so many fun activities planed for the morning.

Miss Dressa sat with the children after we had finished all the activities and cleaned the room, during this group time Miss Dressa put on some relaxing music and the children sat quietly taking a moment to calm down after so much fun in the morning.

Today the children transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands after group time, today Miss Elizabeth asked the children who was their favorite character in the Room on the Broom story- Sammi- The Dragon, Gabby- The witch, Pia- Cat, Blake- Witch, Jamie- Dragon, Mila- Cat, Hugh- Dragon, Carter- The frog, Emilia- Cat, Henry- The dragon, Pip, Cat, Claudia- The witch, Charlotte- The witch, Jules- Dragon, Oliver- Dragon, Birdie- The witch, Kesem- Cat, Isla- Cat, Daisy- Cat, Levi- Dog.

The children had fun playing with the farm animals in some mud today this sensory offered the children a different texture to explore with their hands the children then used a tub filled with water and shaving foam to wash the mud off the animals while we participated in the class activities today we listened to some farm music and animal sounds. The children also had fun sitting with Miss Elizabeth and getting their hand painted white and pressed onto black and green paper later these will be turned into hand print cows.

The children once again loved exploring the home corner as well as playing with the little barn that we put on the wall the children also had fun building with the blocks as well as reading books on the group time mat.

For the group time this afternoon the children sat with Miss Elizabeth, we spoke about the fun things we had done today and wondered what we could do tomorrow, the children all had very interesting ideas. the children all put on their sunscreen moving to the mirror to make sure that it was all rubbed in before putting on their hats and lining up to go outside to play.