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Hello to all our friends and families of the Senior Kindy room, welcome everyone to FRIYAY the 20th of November 2020 Blog.

Here is how our day was…

Our day started off in the Senior Kindy room with all our friends who had arrived early with also had some of our friends from Pre Kindy join us. We were all loving the new dress up box that Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen had added in Santa hats and Christmas dress ups! It wasn’t to long before it was 8am and we were all very keen to go out and play in the yard and make the most of this beautiful weather!

Before we could go outside we needed to make sure we had our shoes on, find our hats in the hat basket and apply our own sunscreen using the big mirrors in the Senior Kindy room to help. Once we had done all that we all lined up at the door ready to go!

We had the tap up on the hill getting a work out with lots of friends using the tap to pump the water into their buckets and create a waterfall down the rocks, the children also used the water to care for the plants by giving them a drink. Lots of fun with waterplay! The children also worked as a team and built large towers with the foam blocks building them up and up before knocking them down and re building the towers.

Just before 9:30am we headed inside as it was getting very warm, we made our way to the bathroom where we all washed our hands with lots of soap and water practicing good hand hygiene removing any germs from our hands, we then sat down at the tables for some yummy morning tea that Miss Shannen and some special helpers had all set up for us. Morning tea today was a bowl of fruit jelly with fresh fruit pieces of bananas and rockmelon with the option of adding in a raspberry coolie sauce. The jelly was nice and cold cooling our friends down from the morning outside. We loved the jelly so much that we finished off the bowl!

When everyone had finished eating their morning tea we all joined Miss Stacey and Miss Rose on the group time mat for a dance party! We danced and sung along to our Christmas concert songs, The Wiggles, Pump It Up and so many more! We all had the best time and we seen lots of our friends cool tricks and moves, we also discovered that today is FRIDAY and after Friday comes the weekend we had lots of friends very excited for their weekends.

Today we continued with our Christmas craft and activities. On a table with Miss Stacey we all participated in hand print painting for our Christmas wreath we each had our hand painted with green paint and then once dried Miss Stacey cut all our handprints out and placed them into a wreath on the wall in our room for our friends to all see. We loved getting our hands painted with some of our friends saying that is was cold and tickled! Over on another table with Miss Shannen we each filled in our Christmas wish list for Santa.

About mid morning Mr Dan arrived for our Friday Arakan class out in the under covered area, the class went in two small groups. And enjoyed running races, catching and throwing the ball to and from Mr Dan and also dodging soft pads.

We have all had a wonderful and very busy day today and what better way to finish the week off with, we hope that all our friends and families have a lovely weekend and we cant wait to hear all about the adventures you get up to on Monday.

Lots of love, Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Rose (Miss Bea was away today) xxx

We also apologise for the photos today – our camera went flat! But not to worry it will be fully charged and ready for action on Monday!