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Good Evening Senior Kindy Families and welcome back to another week at the Hills!

What a fantastic week we have had! This morning we decided to have a play in the Pre Kindy classroom, there were heaps of exciting activities to explore including the coloured numeracy farm animal houses, the bird building wooden toy set, home corner, a giant puzzle on the table and sensory trays. It was such a fun morning. The children were super grateful to have had the opportunity to play in this classroom this morning! Thank you Miss Thea, and Miss Sana.

Safety Walk around our yard identifying all the stop signs and implementing safety plan. The children went on a guided walk with Miss Stacey identifying ‘danger zones’ in our yard and safe play strategies. The children were shown a red stop sign and we were required to walk around the yard to find the stop signs in three locations. 1. The gate that blocks off the ramp to the gym. This is a blind spot and can be difficult for educators to see children. 2. The gate to the rubbish bins. We reminded children that only educators are to use this gate and children may wait and watch the educators, but are not to touch the gate. 3. The glass door connecting to the toddler rooms and kitchen. We emphasized the stop signs on this door and informed the children that if they ever see this door open, they are to tell a teacher immediately. We like to implement these safety walks regularly so that children have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them out in the yard area to ensure the safety of everybody!

We then came back inside to sing our Washing Hands song before eating some delicious morning tea.

We then joined Miss Bea on the mat for our morning group time. Anthony brought in a book from home for us to read this morning. We discussed our good listening bodies chart, sang some songs and discussed todays spooky Halloween activity.

At activity time, some of our friends were collected by Miss Kim and Miss Kate to go to Tumble Tots whilst the rest of us explored the room! On the tables today a painting activity was set up using card board and masking tape. Today the children were required to use their creativity and fine motor skills to paint in between the masking tape, but some of us preferred to paint over the tape which was a great idea too! We made sure we covered the page in beautiful colours of red, pink and orange, and then we set it out to dry. In the afternoon we removed the masking tape to find that we had made an amazing spiders web! It looks incredible! Well don’t Senior Kindy!

Also during activity time we were treated to a special Friday surprise. Every child got given a balloon to play with. We practiced our hand-eye co-ordination by throwing the balloon up into the air and catching it. We also used excellent sharing skills and identified all the different colours!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack away and sit on the mat for another group time. We are about to implement a new strategy for the children to give them a sense of belonging and identity with special circles that are made especially for each child. Each circle has a picture of the child on it and they are required to sit on that circle during group time. There are also four red circles that outline the parameter of the group time mat. We have to try really hard to stay inside these four red circles and not escape them before group time is over. We are beginning to practice this now so we can implement this for when we have our Christmas concert and we will be sitting in a large group.

At group time we read the story of ‘We’re Going on a Croc Hunt.’ We woke up Sally Mark our pumpkin, and finally sang some fun Halloween songs. It was then time to transition to make our beds and enjoy some yummy pizza for lunch!

Thank you for a great day Senior Kindy! Don’t forget our dress up days for Halloween are next Thursday and Friday! Wear your favourite costume!

Have a great weekend, lots of love.

Miss Stacey, Miss Rose and Miss Bea x

At 9:30 am we all gathered on the mat for a special talk and safety walk with Miss Stacey.