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Senior Kindy – Friday 24th May, 2019

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This morning we had such a lovely play outside before having some yummy raisin toast for morning tea. The children then said good morning to Mr Dan and Connor, Mason, Ollie, Julia, Ada and Ari went outside to do some Arakan!

Before lunch, the children had a big run and play outside. Miss Marina also did some dancing with ribbons and musical instruments.Activities available today were:

Mixing the dry oats and rice together! The children liked the sensory touch of the soft oats mixed with the hard rice grains.

We then went down to see and play with the baby farm animals!! The children were all so excited and EVERYONE came in to explore! There were baby goats, lambs, pigs, chickens and ducks. Charli,

Mason, Ada, Zoey and Connor loved to pick up the chickens and hold them. Julia and Sammy explored the animal brushes and try to brush every animal. Ari and Connor were looking at the goats small horns with miss Thea, “They’re hard!” said Ari.


Have a good weekend!


Written by elcseniorkindy

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