What an amazing Friday morning the children had outside playing with their friends. The children all loved ridding on the bikes this morning as well as sharing turns with their friends. The children also loved playing with the soft foam blocks that look like real bricks the children also loved knocking over the walls and towers once they had built them up very high. Other activities also included the children playing in the sand pit as well as on the climbing fort, in the cubby as well as flying down the slide.

For group time this morning the children sat with Miss Elizabeth, the children called the roll calling out that they are here when they hear their name. Isla had also brought in a book for the class to read today, the book was about coloures Miss Elizabeth asked the class what their favorite colour is before they transitioned to go and wash their hands. The children each gave their answer- Charlotte- Pink, Kesem- Rainbow, Daisy- Dark pink, Isla- purple, Blake- green, Sammi- All the colours, Gabby- White, Levi- purple, Emilia- pink, Claudia- pink, Zac- Blue, Sadie- pink, Jules- green, Pia- purple, Jamie- black and white, Henry- Blue, Carter- rainbow- Oliver- green Louis- orange, Mila- Pink.

Today to extend on the book that Isla had brought in the children participated in an activity where they used scissors to cut out lady bugs and match them with the same-coloured leaf. The children also played with pink playdough this was an activity that they requested during morning tea. The children also said that today they wanted to do some painting, so we set out the easel and the children painted in groups making amazing works of art. the children also enjoyed exploring the room. The block area was very busy with lots of our friends choosing to use their imaginations and build cars and towers.

Such a busy week for the children in the senior kindy room. Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday .