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happy friday senior kindy families!

It was another Friday funday in our yard this morning. The music was blasting down the stairs and through the yard and all corners of the yard were busy with friends playing. Out on the tables was building blocks, connectors and sensory bottles. There was painting and reading over by the pre kindy room and the sandpit was open for our friends. All the bikes and cars were occupied all morning with friends zooming around the yard racing one another.

we moved inside and sat on the mat for a group time before we had morning tea and got our day started.

Miss Elizabeth lead the group time this morning. We started off with our everyday songs:

–       Days of the week

–       Aboriginal acknowledgment

Using our weather cards we put together on the window what represented the weather we could see and feel outside:

–       Sammy: “it’s a little bit hot today

–       Claudia : “ the sun is out today. Not raining”

–       Charlotte: “ I can see some clouds miss Elizabeth” pointing to the sky

We spoke about our activity for the day and then transitioned off to the bathroom to prepare for morning tea

as we were finishing up with our morning tea arakan arrived just as we started our activity time. Louis, Emilia, Zac, Sammy, Claudia, Levi, Jamie, Kesem, Sadie, Max, Charlotte, Jules and Zac all enjoyed their arakan this morning. Miss Kim arrived to take Claudia, Louis, Henry and Jamie off to the gymnastics and when they arrived back they were all so excited to show their friends the stickers the got and what they did at gymnastics. Sadie, Emilia, Zac, Sammy, Jules and Charlotte did some awesome coloring in and really brightened up their Easter bunnies ready for Easter next week.

it was great end to the week and we look forward to another week with you all again next week. have a great weekend!

MIss Elizabeth and Miss Dakota