Hello and Happy FriYAY to all our wonderful friends and families of the Senior Kindy room, welcome to Friday the 27th March 2020.

Today we only had a small class of friends in our room and same for our friends in Pre Kindy, with that we then decided to join both classes today combining the rooms together, the children thought it was the best idea ever! We had some very excited friends and what better way to end the week off with then having a day like we did!

We each explored and played in all the areas of the yard today, we have all been loving being able to stay outside each day for an extend period and loving our morning tea picnics.

Today we had a little shower but that didn’t last long only undercover for a short time before we were back out running, jumping and climbing out in our yard. We had an obstacle course that was set up on the soft fall area made out of all our climbing equipment and stepping stones where it started up on the hill making its way back down to the cubby house. The dinosaurs made their way out to the yard and into the bark area where we had friends create and build their own Dinosaur Island, also our red bikes were very popular today as we had single riders and also friends piggy backing one another on the back of the bikes cruising around the yard together.

During our morning tea and our group time we all sung our days of the week song where we didn’t need any help with working out what day it was today – FRIDAY we all said! We then marked our class role together with a Good Morning Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen followed by Miss Stacey reading one of our favourite books “Excuse Me” before we all joined in song to our hand washing tune as we marched to the bathroom to wash our hands with lots of soap practising good hygiene removing all the germs! Morning tea was enjoyed outside on the mat this morning were we had a yummy bowl of fresh fruit pieces, topped with some yogurt on the side with a sprinkle of granola filling up our bellies, Yummy!

After we had our morning tea and group time with Miss Stacey we continued with our Easter Craft” Painting our special take home gifts for our Easter celebrations coming up. The children chose their colours and used their creative skills and fine motor skills to paint.

Also continuing with our Paper Towel Roll Experiment. We assisted the children in applying blue tac to the paper towel rolls, in which we then asked the children to blue tac to the wall. We helped the children create a path to which we would think the objects would roll down, and we will extend on this experiment further on Monday.

Our Quiet Time Activities Included: Sorting Coloured Teddies, Books, Puzzles

Music and Dancing was enjoyed inside along with some face painting when it began to rain. We only bought out toys as we needed them and made sure they were cleaned after use.

See you all on Monday, have a great weekend everyone!

Stay safe!

Lots of love, Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx

Parents friendly reminder that if your child is away we require a Doctors Certificate or Medical Clearance in order to be able to return to Kindy, thank you all for your understanding during this time we are also now kindly asking if we can please keep your child’s sheets in our sheet basket to minimise contamination going back and forth from home to kindy and vice versa.


Written by elcseniorkindy