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Hello and Happy FRIYAY to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome everyone to our Friday the 27th of November 2020 blog. Let me tell you all about how our Friday was at the Hills with Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea!

This morning when our friends started to arrive we all headed inside the Senior Kindy room with Miss Shannen as we waited for more and more friends to arrive for the day, this morning we had some of our big friends from Kindergarten come and play with us for little bit until we had more friends arrive. While we were inside we had lots of friends enjoying some role play in the home/Christmas conner with the dress up using the Santa hats cooking and baking yummy gingerbread man. It wasn’t to long before we all started to pack away our toys and activities that we had out and started to get ready to go outside for some fun and enjoy the sunshine on this beautiful day! We all applied our own sunscreen, found our hats with our names and made sure we all had our shoes on.

Out in the yard today we had friends enjoying some free expression art drawing using fabric markers to draw, on another table we had connector blocks, numeracy puzzles, and Duplo.

As it was such a sunny day we opened up the tree house for our friends to explore and climb, each of them all taking turns and being so very patient for their turn.

The sun started to get a little a bit to warm so we headed inside our Senior Kindy classroom where it was nice and cool from the air-conditioning. We lined up outside the bathroom door as we sung our hand washing song. All our friends found their seat at the tables and enjoyed a yummy bowl of cold fruit jelly with fresh banana pieces and slices of peaches!

When everyone had finished eating their morning tea we all joined Miss Stacey down on the group time mat where we sung our days of the week, welcome to country, our Christmas songs and read our friends books that they had brought in from home to share with all of us. Miss Stacey read the books Where is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Santa’s 12 days of Christmas and the Gingerbread Man.

We then all enjoyed the morning inside with requests from friends for Christmas music, and Christmas crafts. Our friends have all been very busy finishing off their Christmas stars and angles with Miss Bea, and before we knew it, it was time for Arakan with Mr Daniel! We spilt the class into two groups today just outside our room in the under covered area. Mr Daniel started off with running races around the sandpit area before joining him back on the mat where they then dodged soft pads, catching and throwing the ball to and from Mr Daniel and stretching our bodies.

It was then time to pack away our room and get our beds out and today we all made our own bed and did a fantastic job! Well done Senior Kindy! We were all very hungry after our busy morning and we were in for a treat, today Miss Kristie made us one of our favourite meals – Spaghetti Bolognese with cheese! We ate it all up leaving no pasta behind! With all our bellies nice and full we were all ready to rest our bodies.

We spent the rest of the afternoon out in the yard with all our friends and our friends from Pre Kindy also. What a great way to end the week off with! We have all had a super busy and fun week, we only have 4 weeks left until Santa comes! How exciting!

Enjoy your weekends everyone and we will see you all on Monday.

Lots of love, Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xxx