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Happy FriYAY to all our friends and families of our Senior Kindy room! We hope you have all had a day as fun as we have all here!

Firstly well done to all our friends who dressed up for our Halloween Dress up day we had spooky ghosts, vampires, robots, witches, superheros, fairies and a pumpkin. We loved seeing all our friends dressed up you all looked absolutely fantastic!

Our day started off out in the yard with all our Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy friends, we had lots of role play happening amongst friends with their costumes and lots of imagination which we love to see! We had some friends scooting around on the bikes racing around the track, sandpit fun and today we had the obstacle course set up in the sandpit with a plank! Some of our friends were very brave and walked the plank, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea had a game of hide and go seek with all our friends finding lots of good hiding spots with the garden and the cubby house! We were all enjoying our morning outdoors so much that we didn’t want to come inside.

Just before 9:30am Miss Stacey called for all our Senior Kindy friends to come and line up outside the bathroom door to wash our hands and get ready for some yummy morning tea. The children each found their own water bottles and sat down at the tables, we all had hungry bellies this morning for all the exploring and playing we had outside. Morning tea we each had a bowl of yummy fresh fruits along with some cranberries, sultanas, and rice cakes. We had some friends enjoy the rice cakes so much that they kindly asked for more!

Once our friends had finished eating up all their morning tea and taking a big drink of water we all packed away our bowls, chairs and water bottles before Joining Miss Stacey down on the group time mat for group time. Today we had two friends bring in a book from home to share with us all (. Peter Rabbit, Mr Scruff and The Most Scary Ghost) We also sung some of our Halloween songs:  5 Little Pumpkins, Haunted House Dance party, 5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate, Who took the candy from the Trick or Treat Jar. Miss Stacey also explained to all our friends about the activities that we had for today. Sensory Halloween Exploration: Frozen Frankenstein Hands: An extension from yesterday’s water sensory play, we froze some gloves overnight with insects, eyes and pipe cleaners frozen inside. The children enjoyed using their fine motor skills and finger dexterity to touch and feel the cold surface. As the hands began to melt the children noticed that the bugs and materials became more visible, and realistic to touch. The children were then challenged to try and get the different insects out of the cold, hard surface breaking and melting the ice. And to finish off our group time Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea thought it would be fun for everyone to  do a Bus Ride and Music: The children helped to set up all the chairs in the classroom so they were in a straight line. The children all sat on a chair and handed their ‘tickets’ to miss Stacey. Whilst sitting on the chairs we built upon our literacy and numeracy skills by singing, Wheels on the Bus, Drivin in my Car, Old Mcdonald and ABC. The children really enjoyed this group activity, and participating with one another in a group activity.

We also had a visit from Mr.Dan mid morning for our Friday Arakan lesson. Today the children enjoyed running races, dogging soft pads and exercising their bodies. After all the morning fun we had we were ready for lunch and settle down for a rest and today was one of our favourites Pizza Friday! We all enjoyed Miss Kristy’s yummy pizzas and fresh salad.

Thank you Senior Kindy friends for such a great week it has been so fun with all our Halloween themed learning and having Miss Shannen back we cant wait to see you next week and hear all about your weekends and trick or treating adventures.

Happy Halloween!

P.s Parents and friends if you have any spare or empty cardboard boxes laying around or no longer need we are in search of some for our Christmas activities coming up very shortly. Thank you in advance.

Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xxx