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Good afternoon to all our senior kindy families and welcome to our Floral Friday! We hope everyone had an amazing week as we had at the Hills and you are ready to enjoy the last weekend before our Christmas party!! Here is what we did today with Miss Stacey Miss Shannen and Miss Bea

This morning we came to the Senior kindy class to start the day and our friend Kaia brought some balloons from home so we decided to blow them and have some fun playing to throw and catch them, also we could enjoy our morning tea that some of our friend brought from home and discover the activities that were on the tables, at 8 we put our hats on and applied sunscreen so we were ready to enjoy  the yard, children enjoyed the flower activities, bikes, music and the cubby house, suddenly it was time to lined up on the bathroom to  wash our hands so we could enjoy a delicious morning tea that Miss Kristy prepared for us: French raisin toast with raspberry jam and seasonal fresh fruits, yum!!

Then we joined Miss Shannen on the mat to sing our good morning song, pass the roll and read some of our favourites books; Wombat Stew and the very hungry Carterpillar, just when we finished the stories Miss Kim and Miss Kate came to pick our friends Anthony, Apollon, Audrey, Evie, Oliver, Maxwell and Sophia, everyone got a special Tumble Tots drink bottle as a reward of the big effort during the year, well done Senior Kindy

In the senior kindy class we got the next activities for the day:

  • On the Christmas tree table Miss Bea put a big bowl full of frangipani flowers and little containers with water, we talked about the flower, when it is their blossoming season, we put it on the nose to enjoy their smell and picking one at the time, children put the flowers on the little containers and after that children counted how many flowers they got each one.
  • Home corner was super busy making some cupcakes and serving some refreshing coffees
  • The Lego on the mat was very popular, children have been creating amazing constructions.

At 10:30 Mister Dann Came to our weekly Arakan class that everyone loves it, we decided to split the class in 2 groups, so at the time that one group was doing Arakan, inside the class we decided to have some sun with a mini disco shaking our bodies  in all the ways possible and vice versa.

Before going to lunch Miss Stacey decided to do some more dancing but this time all together and practice one more time our Christmas songs when suddenly Santa Claus just made a videocall to us!! Everyone was just amazed with the situation, we could tell him our names and what we would like to have this year for Christmas

Today for lunch we could enjoy some yummy Mexican food, fish taquitos served with a fresh salad bar. Now is time to have a big rest so we can keep enjoying the afternoon all together.

A big thankyou to our friend Apollon who has made little Christmas gifts for his entire class. We are super grateful and love the effort you have put in to individually wrap and name each Christmas gift for everyone.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend, and stay cool in this heat. We can’t wait to see you back here on Monday and to celebrate our Christmas party next Wednesday the 9th of December between 4-5pm.

Lots of Love,

Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx