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Hello and Happy FriYAY to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome everyone to Friday the 6th of November 2020.

This morning when we all arrived we were all very excited as overnight we had some magic Christmas fairies come into our room and put up some of our Christmas decorations! Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas now and we cant wait to see our room when we have all finished decorating it!

We played inside the Senior Kindy room with our friends from Pre Kindy, home corner was the place to be this morning with all our friends cooking Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen yummy treats and drinks for breakfast. We didn’t stay inside for to long before more friends arrived and we were all very keen to go outside and play but first we needed to put on our own sunscreen and hat! We are all doing such a great job at recognising our own names well done Senior Kindy!

We had the perfect Gold Coast weather today the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky! We all loved feeling the sun on us and having a little Friday dance on the deck with all our friends.

Today for morning tea we all enjoyed a bowl of yummy fruit jelly with pieces of fresh bananas and rockmelon to fill up our bellies we all really enjoyed eating the cold jelly! We had some of our friends enjoy the jelly so much that they wanted more and more! When everyone had finished eating and enjoying their morning tea we all joined Miss Shannen down on the group time mat for stories, songs and a discussion about today’s activities that we had. We had some friends bring in some books from home – Noah’s Art and When Santa visited the Gold Coast. We really loved listening to the Santa book as in the book it mentioned all the places on the Gold Coast and some of the places that were mentioned our friends lived there!

Today we all help putting Up the Christmas Tree: The children participated in a group activity preparing our room for Christmas. We picked a place to put the tree and all helped to put the decorations on. The children got into true Christmas spirit by playing and singing along to Christmas songs. Our tree looks absolutely beautiful!

Over on a table we had  Floral Friday Necklace Making: At the table an activity was offered with Miss Bea where children were able to explore their creativity and fine motor skills. The children began by using pencils to colour in some flower stencils. Miss Bea then laminated their creations and gave it back to the children. The children were then required to carefully use the hole punch, under close adult supervision to punch two holes into each flower. The children were then given a piece of string, where the children were asked to use their hand-eye co-ordination to thread the flowers onto the string. Miss Bea turned this into a numeracy activity by asking the children to count each flower as they threaded it onto the string

And just when we thought that our Friday couldn’t get any better we had Arakan with Mr Dan! The Senior Kindy class splits into two groups for Arakan so that the children have more one-on-one time with Mr Dan. It also allows the children to concentrate better and maintain good focus. Today the children enjoyed running races, catching and throwing the ball back and forth to Mr Dan and we also stretched our bodies!

We have all had such a great day today and what a great way to finish off the week with!

We hope that all our friends and families have a wonderful weekend and get up to lots of adventure we cant wait to hear all about what you each get up to on Monday.

Stay safe.

See you all on Monday for another fun and exciting week ahead.

Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx