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hello our senior kindy families !

It was another beautiful sunny morning this morning to welcome in our Friday fun day so we made our way outside as early as we could to ensure we had the most time outside playing possible. There was a group of busy children at the water fountain filling up buckets and transporting it to the sandpit to make potions and mixtures of all types. The bikes were a big hit with friends racing from the gates as they arrived to snatch up one before they were all taken. The hill was a little bit wet from the moisture in the air this morning, so some friends had the clever idea to sit on some books and slide down the hill like a slippery slide. The connectors and building stations were busy with friends working as teams to help build up the highest towers they could or build the coolest looking castles and buildings.

we moved inside and sat on the mat for a group time with Miss Rose before we transitioned off to the bathroom to wash our hands to be ready for morning tea

We decided to spend our activity time with some free play/ exploration of the yard to send of such a good week with a special fun Friday. Louis, Henry, Claudia, Daisy and Jamie headed off to gymnastics with Miss and Miss Kate while those who stayed behind enjoyed some free play throughout the yard. Mr Daniel arrived and it was time for Arakan, Blake, Emilia, Sammy, Gabby, Levi, Max , Jules, Kesem and Zac, Sadie, Henry, Jamie, Louis, Claudia and Daisy got straight into Arakan and enjoyed showing off how strong they were to Mr Daniel.

it was an awesome end to the week and another fun friday done! we hope you have an awesome weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Miss Dakota and Miss Rose.