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What a wonderful day we have had this morning outside in the warm sunshine. The children all loved digging in the sandpit with their friends. Max and Jules had so much fun on the bikes and Alby and Jamie loved exploring the garden. Mariette and Daisy had fun taking water down to the sandpit to make yummy cakes for all their friends while Kesem and Sammi chased each other around the yard.
For Group time today Mr. Lachie told us the most amazing story that he made up, the children loved singing songs as well as talking about their weekend.


–       Days of the week

–       Aboriginal acknowledgment

Using our weather cards, we put together on the window what represented the weather we could see and feel outside.

We spoke about our activity for the day and then transitioned off to the bathroom to prepare for morning tea

Today love using their fine motor skills to play with some beautiful pastel green coloured play dough, the children enjoyed rolling the dough and making sausages as well as biscuits and cakes for their friends.
Today some of our friends went off to their weekly Gymnastics class. While they were gone our other friends had so much fun exploring the room the children have continued to show an interest in the easter tray enjoying the bunnies and the coloured rice. Many of our friends are loving the home corner especially playing with the dolls. The children also loved sitting and reading today our friends sat in groups pointing to the pictures and turning the pages.



Miss Elizabeth Mr Lachie Miss Maya