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What a lovely start to the week we have had this morning the children had so much fun outside playing in the cool morning. When we reluctantly came inside we sat down for a dun group time Miss Elizabeth had some fun emotion cards so show us, all the children had so much fun trying out each emotion. we then read a dream time story called the Echidna and the shade tree, the books tells us about an echidna and a tree that he pulls us when he is mad, the book also takes about how the echidna ends up with his spikes on his back.

We transitioned to the bathroom with Miss Elizabeth asking us if we know our last name most of our friends didn’t so we practiced saying them before we went to wash our hands.

Pia was so excited to be back from holiday and had so amazing stories to tell us about the pink jellyfish she had seen while she was snorkeling that Miss Elizabeth thought it would be so fun to extend on her interest through making our own the children used pink paint to paint their interpretation of a pink jellyfish.