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Hello and welcome back to another fun week ahead in the Senior Kindy room with Miss Stace and Miss Shannen, we hope that all our friends and families had a lovely weekend. Welcome to Monday the 13th of January 2020.

This morning we all enjoyed playing and exploring in the big yard, we had lots of friends who were loving coming down the slide today and racing back up through the playground to go down it again.

On the tables we had out our colourful blocks and connectors and together we all built the tallest tower ever but it would fall down and we all laugh then re build it together with Miss Shannen.

The weather was very overcast and windy today and with that we headed inside a little bit earlier today. We all lined up outside our Senior Kindy door in one big train we all shouted all aboard the Senior Kindy train and today we were off to the Airport as our friend Zara mentioned today’s destination. Toot toot and the train left for the airport taking a slight detour to our group time mat with Miss Stacey. This morning we sung our good morning song as Miss Stace marked our role and welcomed all our friends to the day. We then had puppets and felt stories on the felt board with Miss Stacey our favourite today was the 5 little sausages. We also sung our hand washing song as we made our way to the bathroom to wash our hands ready for morning tea that Miss Shannen had set up for us all to eat and enjoy. Morning tea this morning was yummy yogurt, with fresh fruits – mango, bananas and pear that we mixed in with our yogurt. We had friends who really enjoyed the yogurt this morning with some of them asking with beautiful manner if they could please have some more.

Once all our friends finished their morning tea and filled up their bellies today we had some free play activities within the room – dress ups, cooking in the café, building blocks and towers, connecting the magnets and today we did an free expression art activity with Miss Stacey we all got messy and creative with a glue stick, fabric markers, glitter and feathers we all created our own pictures and Miss Stacey wrote alongside them what they were for all our friends to see.  Today we had a little dance party with all our friends dancing to wiggles and baby shark just before we settled down for lunch and a rest. We had lots of friends showing us their best dance moves we loved it!

Parents please bring in a photo of your family for us to add to our family tree we are waiting on some families to add their photo to it to complete.

Thank you

See you all tomorrow

Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx

Written by elcseniorkindy

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