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Hello and welcome back to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, we hope that everyone had a great weekend and managed to stay safe and dry! We defiantly had some rain that’s for sure. Welcome to our Monday the 14th of December 2020 Blog. Here is a snippet on how we spent our Monday here at the Hills with Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen.

When we all arrived to Kindy this morning it was still raining and with all the rain we had over the weekend it had made all our outdoor yard and play space all very wet. Today we had an indoor day with all our friends. This morning we had some of our friends from Pre Kindy join us in our room for a little play until more of their friends arrived for the day. We had free range of the whole room, lots of our friends were busy in the home corner area cooking and dressing up with many friends role playing mums and dads. Over on the carpet area friends each choose an activity from the green boxes where they constructed towers and buildings using the variety of building blocks, we also had lots of requests for some Kids Pop dance music for our friends to dance and sing along to on the dance floor mat!

We packed away all our toys and areas a little bit earlier today as we had some friends with rumbling tummies, we washed our hands found our drink bottles and sat down at the tables with all our friends and this morning we all enjoyed a bowl of yummy fresh fruit pieces of bananas, rockmelon and honeydew and when we all had eaten up our fruits we then enjoyed a freshly baked carrot cake that Miss Kristie had made it was so fresh that some of the cake pieces were still warm! Yummy it was the perfect way to make us all feel warm and cosy on a day like today…

When everyone had finished eating their morning tea we all packed away our bowls, drink bottles and joined Miss Stacey down on the mat for a group time! During group time we read some of our friends books that they had brought in from home to share, clapped along to our days of the week and today we all knew what day it was… MONDAY, followed by welcoming of the land and marking of the class role where we greeted and welcomed all our friends and teachers.

This morning we stayed in doors stay nice and warm and out of the rain, we enjoyed our own choice of activities along with part taking in a art activity with Miss Shannen on one of the tables, where today we made our very own snow globe! Miss Stacey took a photo of us individually where we pretended that we were in the snow, Miss Stacey then printed out the photos and cut them all our where then Miss Shannen put us on a globe that we then decorated with water colour paint! They look fantastic and the best part was it was all made by our Senior Kindy friends! When they had all finished drying Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen put clear contact over them to finish then off.

Our friend Kaia had brought in a special Christmas treat for all our friends today, each friend had a little goodie bag inside their bags to take home, thank you Kaia and his family for the gifts all our friends loved them!

Today Miss Kim and Miss Kate took our camera down to Tumble Tots with our Monday class to take some photo for us on all the cool things everyone gets up to in gymnastics!

We are also having a movie day this coming Thursday. Please see sign in consent sheet down in the reception area, all our friends who attend Thursday will need to have consent prior to joining us in watching the animated version of The Grinch we are also encouraging our friends to please come dressed in your favourite PJ’s!

See you all tomorrow,

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx