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The children were so excited this morning when we ventured outside to see the sand pit full of new sand. All the children had so much fun digging and making creations at the sandpit kitchen. The children also had so much fun playing with the water racing it down the river with their friends.
During group time today the children loved listening to Mr Lachie readd to them they all laughed as he read the Gruffalo using his different voices for all the characters, the children also had so much fun talking about what they did on the weekend all trying to talk at once to Mr Lachie. The children transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands singing the top and bottom song washing their hands to sit down and enjoy morning tea.
Today the children used their fine motor skills to manipulate green playdough the children had fun making sausages as well as biscuits for their friends and educators. Mr Lachie and Miss Dakota spoke about how on Wednesday it will be St Patrick’s day and that they celebrate with the colour green, the children all showed a lot of interest in this conversation wanting to know more.
The children have been enjoying exploring the new layout of the room and have been interacting well with each other in the home corner area. Today we introduced some new dolls in some beautiful indigenous clothing the children were so happy to see the dolls dressed in the clothes and had fun using them in their home corner experience. The childre3n also have been interested in the new books we added to the bookshelf taking a moment to sit with an educator and read or enjoy some quiet time reading to themselves.