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Hello and Happy Monday to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, we hope that all our friends have had a wonderful weekend with their loved ones and friends we heard all about the fun and exciting adventures you all did. Being the first day back after the weekend is always so exciting as we cant wait to see all our friends and teachers.

When our friends arrived we spent the morning inside the Pre Kindy room with some of our friends from Pre Kindy as we waited for more friends to arrive we enjoyed playing and engaging in the Pre Kindy toys and spaces. Once it was 8am we were all very keen to get out into the yard and explore! But first we needed to put on our hats, sunscreen and shoes we all did a great job at identifying our own names/ letter recognition on our hats well done Senior Kindy friends keep up the great work!

The yard was the place to be today as the water tap was turned back on from Mr Nick! And our friends all couldn’t wait to fill up all the buckets and have water play, with the tap now back up and running we are kindly asking if all parents can please pack in their child’s bag spare clothes just in case we get a little bit to wet. We had friends creating a waterfall down the hill with the flow of water running from the pump pumping, cakes and pies being made in the mud kitchen, practicing our balancing on the obstacle course and lots of turn taking on the red bikes. We all were enjoying our morning outdoors in the sunshine!

We had a few hungry bellies this morning so we headed inside for our morning tea just before 9:30am we lined up at the bathroom, washed our hands with lots of soap and water to remove any germs before finding our water bottles and a seat at the tables were we all enjoyed a bowl of yummy vanilla yogurt with fresh bananas and peach slices to add in, the yogurt was nice and cool and so yummy we had some friends asking with their beautiful manners for seconds and some thirds!

Once all our friends had finished eating their morning tea we all patiently waited for Miss Shannen to call each table to pack away their bowls, water bottles and join Miss Stacey down on the group time mat where this morning we said our welcoming of the land, days of the week, and listened to Miss Stacey read our friends books that they had brought in from home to share with us today – We had the books ‘stuck in poop what to do? , Mummy makes me feel loved and Happiness is… we really enjoyed reading and listening to our stories today thank you to our friends who brought them in we love reading book from home, please keep them coming in! Miss Shannen then explained to all our friends of the activities that we had today they included – decorating/finishing our Christmas craft star, making Reindeers out of our handprints, free play, dress ups, dancing to Christmas songs and constructing towers using the wooden blocks and Lego. We all had a very busy morning and before we knew it, it was time for some of our friends to head off to Tumble Tots with Miss Kim and Miss Kate and pack away our room to get ready for lunch and a rest, we also practiced our Christmas concert songs singing with our biggest voices hoping that Miss Shazzy would hear us down in the office! We cant wait for you all to see us sing our songs! Just a friendly reminder to all our friends and families that this Wednesday afternoon the 18th of November is our last Parent/Teacher Interviews for the year if you haven’t already got yourself a spot please see our available time slots in the office. We hope to see you all there for a little chat.

Enjoy your evenings and we will see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love, Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen oh and just a little head us its only 39 days till Christmas we are all so excited!!!

We apologise for no photos today we had a technical issue with our camera, but not to worry we will have photos up tomorrow of our day!