For group time today we got the computer and talked about Marko’s interest in fossils! We looked up some photos of real-life dinosaur fossils, Emmett called “pterodactyl!”, when we saw the pterodactyl bones, very clever!

We looked at the tools the palaeontologist used, and we talked about how they move very slowly so they don’t damage the bones.

We then sat in a circle and Miss Thea showed the children our own fossil activity.

We had a tray of sand with small dinosaur footprints hidden in the bottom, Miss Thea used a paintbrush to slowly reveal the footprints, everyone as excited for their turn.

Today at activity time we explored:

– fossil digging – everyone explored this today, moving very slowly and sharing their achievements with each other.

-Dinosaur footprint water painting – using green water, a spray bottle and a dinosaur footprint template the children were able to spray their own

dinosaur footprint! Again, everyone had a turn at this!

– Cutting- The children explored cutting again today. Julia, Jovie, Edie, Marko, Ollie, Lewis, Mason, Emmett, Charlie, Ada, Ari, Rohan, Sara and Zoey.

-Home corner- Ada, Sara, Ari, Mason, Ollie, Rohan and Zoey enjoyed sharing the toy cakes and cupcakes together.  Miss Roya also joined in and they all made a very yummy lunch.

Have a good evening,

Thea and Neve


Written by elcseniorkindy