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Good Afternoon Families, we hope you have a wonderful day.

Our yard was a bit messy from the weekend this morning, so we all put our helping hands to good use to help lay the sandpit cover out to dry and loved watching Mr Nick use the leaf blower to get rid of all the fallen leaves and bark that had been scattered around our yard. Our morning was then spent exploring the fort and slide, dancing to music and getting our hair done ready for photos!

At 9am Miss Stacey took nine children to go and get their photos taken. We all used beautiful big smiles and we all looked so handsome and beautiful. Groups of children will be taken each day and we will ensure that every child gets a photo throughout the week. If you have a special request or an outfit change or particular day you would prefer your child to have their photo taken please let Miss Stacey or Miss Shaz know so we can cater to your needs. Today the following children had their photo taken; Max and Luke, Oliver, Sophia, Toby, Murray, Mack, Apollon and Joseph. Tomorrow we will ensure that Charlotte and Haven will have their photo taken as it is their last day at kindy for the week. Miss Stacey will not be here tomorrow so if you are wanting special braids or hairstyles for the girls, Miss Stacey will return Wednesday.

The children were so well behaved with Miss Shawn whilst Miss Stacey was out of the room and we all returned just in time for a group time sharing all our friends books from home to help celebrate Book Week #2. Today Toby, Anthony, Max and Luke all brought in books. We used our visual timetable to discuss the outline of what we were going to do and the order we were going to read the books. We then tested the children to see if they remembered the order of the books. Our books this morning were Robots Everywhere, Diggers and Trucks, There’s a Dragon in my Book, Dinosaur Games and Each Peach Pear Plum.

At 10am Miss Mackenzie joined us for our weekly art therapy class. Today’s message was all about grief and change, which is quite a deep topic, but Miss Mackenzie took a creative twist and focused the children’s energy on the circle of life and how beautiful it is. Today’s art lesson involved painting and collaging using dead leaves found outside and the ability to make something ‘dead’ or ‘old’ and make it beautiful again. We completed this activity in small groups of 5.

It was then time to come inside and prepare ourselves for lunch and rest time. Today we had some amazing helpers come to place the beds out, make them, set up lunch with bowls and drink bottles, and the children have even started gathering the children to the bathroom door to get ready to come inside. Our Senior Kindy friends are so helpful, we are so lucky!

For lunch today we enjoyed some delicious nachos. We really enjoyed this meal today!

It was then time for a well deserved rest!

Throughout the day we also continued with our creepy hand skeleton plaster craft. Those that hadn’t had their casts made yet had the chance to do so, and those who had previously made their cast were able to paint theirs today! We cannot wait to display these!

Thank you for a fantastic day Senior Kindy!


  1. Photos are this week, so don’t forget to pack your pretty outfits, and your big smiles! If you have any requests about photo days, please write them in our communication book and we will check that daily. Photo’s run for the entire week!
  2. New Incident Trauma Book. Much like our communication book, we also have an incident book that records any injuries that may have happened at home. We ask that if your child ever has an injury you fill out a page in this book so that it is recorded for legal purposes. If you wish to have a look at the layout, the book sits on the brown table located outside of the office along with our communication book. Thank you.

Lots of Love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Shawn x