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hello families! welcome back to another week in the senior kindy room

What a wild weather morning this morning! Of course when its raining outside we spend our time inside so we started of our day in our room exploring the activities on offer. Some friends sat as a group and did some drawing and engaged in conversation around what they did on the weekend. Other friends were busy in the home corner making hot chocolates and coffees to warm themselves up. The puzzle mat was busy and there was lots happening at our investigation table.

Today we extended on our easter activities. In a tray there was pastel coloured rice to match the theme of easter. In the tray there was easter bunnies and easter eggs creating a great sensory activity for the children. At the tables the children could draw on their chalk easter bunnies creating some amazing awesome easter art.

Some friends sat at the tables with Miss Rose and focused on the letter ‘R’ for the rain they could see outside. The traced the letter and then coloured in the big rain cloud next to it. Jules, Sammy, Kesem, Sophie and Emilia were the first to get started at the sensory tray and enjoyed discovering the treasures they could find or watching the rice fall from their hands back down to the tray. Alby, Pia, Mariette, Zac and Emilia went off with Miss Kate and Miss Kim for some gymnastics while the rest of did some art. Louis, Arianna, Daisy and Jamie used all the pastel colours of from the chalk box and draw on their easter bunnies.

it was a really nice day spent inside today! we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

be safe out on the roads in this weather and enjoy your afternoon/night.

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Dakota

P.S Easter is fast approaching and as we we do every year we will be holding an Easter raffle you will be given a book of raffle tickets and are asked to donate an item to the Easter raffle basket found out the front of the room on the bag lockers.