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Hello and welcome back to all our wonderful Senior Kindy friends and families, we hope that you all had a lovely weekend and managed to stay nice and cool during the heat. Wasn’t it hot! Welcome to our Monday the 23rd of November 2020 blog. We have another fun and exciting week with Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea!

Here is how we spent our Monday – first day back for the week. We were all super excited to see all our friends and tell them all what we got up to over the weekend! This morning we started off in our Senior Kindy room with all our Pre Kindy friends and teachers joining us. We played in the Senior Kindy room till just after 8am. We all put on our hats, shoes, and sunscreen before heading out to play. We also made sure we all had our water bottles filled up as it was a bit warm this morning and we wanted to make sure all our friends stayed hydrated!

Today was the perfect day for water play! The tap was up and running and in full use up on the hill. We had lots of friends using the buckets to transport the water to the sandpit/MUD Kitchen area where we had lots of baking happening. We were all in for a real treat with our friends cooking us cakes, muffins, cookies and much more! The children also used their strong muscles to pump the tap  to create a flow of water running down the hill and into the well.

Over in the under covered area we had a group pf friends who used excellent teamwork and built the biggest block towers you had ever seen! They used the large foam blocks stacked on top of one another to create the shape and height, and when they had finished building their towers they would jump up and down on the deck to see if their tower would fall down!

We all had a lovely morning outdoors but as it warmed up we headed back inside into the cool air-conditioned room where Miss Shannen and some of our friends had help to set up all our yummy morning tea for us. And this morning we each had a bowl of yummy cold vanilla yogurt with muesli sprinkled over the top, with fresh pieces of bananas and peaches on the side. We all really enjoyed the yogurt today with friends kindly asking for seconds.

Today we had art therapy and in our class today we read the book Invisible String. All our friends painted a piece of paper with coloured paints then creating an abstract and tactile images out of various coloured and sized yarn /wool to represent connection, togetherness, belonging, and the security of attachment.

The children also enjoyed a morning of free play and indoor/outdoor play. Miss Stacey opened up the side door that opened up to the side deck were we had activities. Today we also each made our own beds and did a fantastic job! We also had some friends bring in books from home to share with us – Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and Mighty Mac, I can hear construction book! Thank you friends for sharing with us today.

We have all had a really fun and busy day for a Monday!

See you all tomorrow,

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx