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Good Afternoon families, we hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready for another busy week ahead!

Today we welcomed back the wonderful Miss Shannen to our classroom. She has been away for a few months now, but is back and feeling better than ever. The children all made her feel super welcome and we are so glad to be able to see the rest of the year out with her!

This morning was a little wet from our weekend rain so we decided to stay inside the Pre Kindy classroom to explore and have some fun with the activities set up on the tables and the different learning areas throughout the room.

Activities Included:

Small group reading

Puzzles on the table for cognitive thinking and fine motor skills

Heuristic Play in the plastic tub on the floor with sustainable items such as recycled cartons, bark and sand, paint brushes and rakes.

Home Corner Play – making cups of tea and having pancakes

Train tracks building and learning sharing behaviours

At 8:15am, it had well and truly dried up and it was finally time to go outside and play. The yard wasn’t fully set up, so we decided to ask the children what they wanted to play with. The children replied with; Balls, Bikes and Big Lego.

For morning tea we enjoyed some fresh fruit and crackers and then joined Miss Stacey on the mat for a group time.

This morning Frankie had some show and tell that he has brought in from home. Frankie had collected some Rhinoceros beetles from his house and wanted to show all of his friends. He stood up confidently at the front of the class to show all of his friends! Thankyou for sharing that with us Frankie. Our friend Kaia also brought in one of his favourite books, called Hairy McClairey, and the children were all very familiar with this book! We read our favourite song/story, Were going on a Croc Hunt and then we discussed our activities for the day.

Miss Vee was a little bit late to Art Therapy this morning so whilst waiting we set up some activities on the tables for the children to explore.

Offered on the tables were:

Sustainable paper towel colouring activity – Thank you to Zara who brought in lots of recycled rolls that we decided to paint and colour which we are turning into little Halloween monsters to display around the room. The children used their fine motor skills, to try and hold the cylinder whilst colouring it or painting it without getting their hands dirty. The children were then asked if they wanted to be extra creative and add any lace or bandaging to their toilet rolls which could then potentially could look like a zombie or mummy. Finally the children were asked if they wanted to add any pipe cleaners to their Halloween monster to make it even more creative. We can’t wait to continue this activity throughout the week and display our little monsters all around the room for Halloween this week.

Letter Threading – Great for literacy learning and hand eye co-ordination to have the ability to thread the bead onto the shoe lace.

Puzzles – Cognitive thinking and learning. This was an independent activity.

And finally on the mat we offered some building blocks for the children to explore.

Miss Vee then arrived at 10:15am and it was time for Art Therapy. Today’s lesson was all about the different emotions we might feel, and reassuring the children that it is okay to feel many different emotions. We were guided through a sweet and short meditation about the sun and the weather and the connection it makes us feel with our emotions and then we were guided to the tables for our art experience. Today the children were asked to pick a drawing of an emotion that they feel. They were then asked to glue that emotion onto a piece of paper and were then to colour their emotion and discuss how it makes them feel and why. The children were asked if they could identify any colours that related to that emotion and then the educators and teachers sat back at the children brought their artwork to life with such purpose and skill behind what they were doing. This built upon the children’s imagination, creativity skills and the ability to create something off pure emotions. It was a lovely activity to observe.

For lunch today we enjoyed our favourite meal, nachos, and then it was time for a big rest!

Thank you for a fantastic start to the week friends! Don’t forget our Halloween dress up days is Thursday and Friday this week. Also, if you have any empty boxes you aren’t using of any size, could you please bring them in as we have a plan we want to implement for our Christmas decorating. Thank you!

Have a lovely evening.

Lots of love,

Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Shawn x