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Hello and good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, we hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend with loved ones and friends. We hope that all our friends enjoyed lots of yummy treats for Halloween! Welcome everyone to Monday the 2nd of November can you believe that its Christmas next month! This year is just flown by!

This morning we all enjoyed a play in our Pre Kindy room with all our Pre Kindy friends and teachers. We ventured outside just after 8am this morning but before we could go outside we needed to apply our own sunscreen, find our hats and make sure all our shoes were on our feet!

Today while we were outside we decided to reuse some of our Halloween materials in the sensory trough today which were plastic, life size bones. An educator covered the bones in some sand and scattered them all around the trough. The children were required to use their fine and gross motor skills to use shovels, paintbrushes, and their hands to dig and try and find the bones. Once we found the bones, the children then engaged in conversations with their educators to try and identify each of the bones, building upon our language and vocabulary, learning words about the anatomy that we might not have known before.

Miss Stacey also brought in some new bouncy balls for the children to explore. Today we built upon our hand-eye co-ordination to try and throw and catch the ball to our friends and educators. To extend further, the children decided to start kicking the balls across the playground as a game.  And before we all knew it, it was time for us all to line up, go to the bathroom, wash our hands and sit down at the tables for morning tea. This morning the children all enjoyed a bowl of vanilla yogurt, with muesli, peaches and bananas it was certainly very yummy we really loved our yogurt this morning with some friends using their manners and asking for more! Once all our friends had finished eating their morning tea we all joined Miss Stacey down on the mat for morning group time and we all had a group discussion taking turns discussing what we each did on our weekends and all the special activities we all did for Halloween. We also had some of our friends who kindly brought in some books to share for our group time from home. The books that we read today were: Bluey goes to the Beach, Big Bully Hippo. Thank you friends for sharing with us today we love when our friends bring in books from home.

Today we also had our Monday art therapy. Today’s Art Therapy message was about mindfulness and feeling focused. The children read a book about my mahic breath, which asked the children to interact all throughout the book discuss different emotions and breathing different colours onto the page. The children then participated in a meditation which really calms the children and helps them to focus. We then participated in a group painting activity transferring the knowledge and message we learnt from the book to our physical environment, by using different colours all over the page and using different materials to spread the paint around. The children used their imagination and creativity to finger paint and use small and large materials to decorate the paper. Once our art work is dry we look forward to asking the children what they would like to create with our coloured masterpieces, giving the children the opportunity and choice to extend how they please.


Once we had finished inside with art therapy we all made our way back outside for a run and play just before we settled down for some yummy lunch and a rest. The children also enjoyed running races, and cheering on all our friends as they raced around the track. We were all having such a good day outside that we thought we would all have a picnic for lunch as today for lunch we all enjoyed yummy sausage rolls and fresh salad dipping our sausage rolls into tomato sauce they were very yummy we ate them all up!

We have all had a awesome day and what a great day to start our week off.

See you all tomorrow, enjoy your evening.

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx