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Hello and welcome back to all our Senior Kindy friends and families we hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend and had lots of fun with friends and loved ones, we hope that everyone is ready for a fun and exciting week ahead with Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea. A friendly reminder to all that this Wednesday the 9th of December we are having our annual Christmas Concert and we are all so very excited for you all to see how hard we have been practising our Christmas concert songs, our concert will be from 4pm-5pm please kindly bring yourselves as our lovely Miss Kristie will be baking us some yummy treats to all enjoy afterwards. Looking forward to seeing all our families and friends there!

Welcome to our Monday the 7th of December 2020 blog. This is how our Monday was spent here at the Hills…

Firstly our dear Miss Stacey was away today and we had Miss Rose in our room helping Miss Shannen and all our friends, Miss Stacey will be back tomorrow to see everyone! We hope Miss Stacey is feeling better very soon so she can return back to us!

This morning when our friends arrived we all headed into the Pre Kindy room where some of our friends had already arrived along with our friends from Pre Kindy. Our morning then turned into a inside morning as the heavens opened and we had some rain pass over, unfortunately it was enough rain to make our yard and the sandpit a bit to wet for us to go out and play, but that’s ok as we didn’t let that stop us all from having a fun day! When more of our Senior Kindy friends arrived we made our way back over to our room where the children enjoyed the activities and spaces in our room. We had morning tea a little bit earlier this morning as we had some of our friends who had a hungry belly, Miss Shannen and some friends help to set up our morning tea and tables. Our friends enjoyed a yummy bowl of fresh fruit pieces from bananas, strawberries and rockmelon pieces with a freshly baked fruit cake! We all really enjoyed the yummy cake eating all the pieces up! When everyone had finished eating their morning tea and their bellies were full we all packed away our drink bottles, bowls and stacked our chairs joining Miss Shannen and Miss Rose down on the group time mat for group time.

During our group time this morning we had some friends bring in some books from home to read and share with us all – Miss Shannen read the books Treasure a water loving kitten for Ariel and Bluey! We all loved the Bluey story, thank you to those friends who brought them in for us we would love to see more of our friends book brought in from home. As we were having an indoor day Miss Shannen asked the children what activities they would like to do this morning – we had felt board, drawing with pencils, puzzles, Lego, dancing music and home corner -role play!

We also had some of our friends head off to Tumble Tots with Miss Kim and Miss Kate this morning – each of our friends have been receiving their gymnastics reports along with their very own drink bottles for all their fantastic efforts this year. Well done Senior Kindy friends.

Its been a great day and all our friends were so excited to see each other after the weekend.

Have a great night and we will see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love Miss Shannen and Miss Rose xx