Good afternoon Senior Kindy Families, we hope everyone had a great weekend!

Due to the weather, there was no outside play today the children enjoyed experiencing the pre kindy room, dressing up in all the different costume, playing in the home and building with the train set. The children enjoyed this rare experience in the pre kindy room. Senior Kindy transitioned over to our room where we did some free drawing at the table as well as playing in the home corner and building with the big colourful blocks from outside.

Today the children used their fine motor skills while exploring the sensory trays filled with objects found in nature, the children used plastic tongs to pick up pinecones, small pieces of wood, wooden buttons as well as leafs the children moved the items to different trays making sure to keep the items together. The children also did painting on the easel using gross motor skills to move their arms in big movements as well using their core muscles to stand and paint. The blocks were also put on one of the table and the children were all excited to sit and play, lots of towers got built as well as knocked down. The children also explored the room playing in the home corner with the dolls and cooking in the kitchen as well as sitting and reading with their friends.