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Good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy families and welcome back to our daily blog!

Once again we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everybody for coming yesterday to the Christmas party, we are super proud of all the children about how good they did yesterday and to see just smiling faces everywhere, our hearts are just filled up with love and gratitude!! On the other hand we are feeling a bit sad to see how the year is coming to its end but let’s not think about too much and keep enjoying until the last minute of this Senior Kindy class 2020

Today we started the day in the pre kindy class enjoying the sensory rice tray, the home corner and, listening to our pre kindy friends singing their songs for their concert today, we are sure they will do an amazing job. At 8 o’clock we came back to our class with Miss Bea to find our hats and apply sunscreen so we were ready to enjoy the yard. As the children request we played some wiggles Christmas music to shake our bodies, did some races around the sandpit, and played with the big fitball to through and catch.

At 9 o’clock after an hour of lots of fun, it was time to go inside to wash our hands and enjoy some vanilla yogurt with granola made by Miss Kristie and seasonal fruits, during morning tea time we have been talking about our fish tanks and we got new baby fish thanks to all the care we have been giving to them, then we joined Mister Lachlan, who is spending the day with us today, for a group time full of fun, because today we are making the gingerbread man cookies everyone agreed that it was a good idea to read our Gingerbread man book, all the children know very well the story that they have been helping Mister Lachlan to finish the story. After it, we did a little experiment with a balloon that we found from our party from yesterday, we observed what happens after rubbing gently the balloon on our heads, how the hair lifted looking for the connexion with the balloon, everybody was so amazed and wanted to have a turn, we explained to them that this is called static electricity.

Then we joined Miss Stacey on the Christmas table to participate in a cooking experience, the gingerbread man cookies! where we used basic mathematics to measure and follow instructions. We then decorated them with smarties and put them in the oven to cook!

After finishing our cookies children helped to assist in spring cleaning the classroom in preparation for next year. The children used clothes to wipe the walls and shelves and started to pack away some toys in preparation for the new year. This activity taught the children about team work and independence to take care of their environment

Our morning passed super quick that suddenly it was lunchtime but we decided to read some more books that Miss Bea brought today from the office so we joined once again Mister Lachlan on the mat to read a book about pirates and another about Spot in one of its adventures, then we washed our hands and sat on the table to eat the delicious sushi bowls with teriyaki tofu and mango, so exotic!!

Now everybody is resting their bodies with a good nap or enjoying quiet activities like drawing or reading, looking forward to enjoy the gingerbread cookies and an afternoon full of fun.

Thanks for one more amazing day senior kindy and we will see you tomorrow to put end to an amazing week at the hills


Lots of love Miss Stacey, Mister Lachlan and Miss Bea xxx