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Senior Kindy – Thursday 10th October 2019

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This morning Miss Neve did a group time, singing days of the week and our good morning song first.

We also read Milah’s book about loving our Mummies, everyone loved the pictures! Thank you Milah for bringing in this awesome book! We also read Florences “Spot” book, we laughed at all the funny flip up tabs in this one. Thank you Florence! 

Before  lunch the children had a big play outside with Miss Danna and then came inside and sang some songs with Miss Shaz.  

This morning we had a very calm and relaxed morning, the children were able to go from activity to activity.

Babies and prams – Mia, Hendrix, Zoey, Milah, Charli and Rohan.

Pumpkin and Ghost activity – Everyone!

Home corner – Ada, Charli, Milah, Mason, Leo, Matthew, Lewis, Frankie, Florence and Mia.

Construction area- Mason, Alexander, Matthew, Rohan, Marko, Connor, Jonah Hendrix, Lewis, Mia, Ollie, Ada, Charli and Leo.

Orange Halloween playdough – Everyone. (Thank you Lewis for suggesting play dough everyone loved this today.)  

Book corner – Florence, Mia, Zoey, Connor, Matthew, Milah, Charli, Marko, Connor and Rohan.

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