This morning we sang our days of the week song and our good morning song.

We read Rohan and Emmett’s book, thanks so much for bringing them in to share.

We then looked at our new water pouring activity, the children were excited to have their turn.

We then explored the igloo! We all took turns crawling through, the children liked trying to count the bottles.


Before lunch we did some dancing and running races!For activity time today we explored-

  • Igloo exploring!! Zoey, Mason, Emmett, alexander, connor, charli, Jonah and Ada.
  • New water pouring activity- everyone explored this.
  • Treasure hunting sensory box- Rohan, Emmett, Alexander and Jonah
  • New farm animals, the little people and theme park rides. – Everyone explored this today!
  • Our Practical life area with Cutting, Tongs, spooning, drawing, and pegs – Mason, Alexander, Jonah, Connor, Emmett, Zoey, Milah, Ada, Charli and Rohan
  • Home corner- Emmett, Connor, Rohan, Ada, Charli, Milah and Zoey.
  • Building area – Mason, Emmett, Connor and Rohan.

Neve and Thea



Written by elcseniorkindy