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Good afternoon Senior Kindy families and welcome to our daily blog

Our day started in the senior kindy class playing in our home corner and listening some Christmas songs since early in the morning as the children requested, at 8 am we applied lots of sunscreen and hats on so we were ready to explore the yard with our prekindy friends. Children enjoyed riding the bikes playing with the mat also we have been doing a nailpolish session thanks our friend Jordie that brouth some colours from home, Anthony brought his flashlight today that gave us the idea to go on a dragon hunt so we could use it once we went on the cave, it was such a busy morning!

At 9:30 we lined up on the bathroom to wash our hands and enjoyed some delicious yogurt with fruits and granola slice that Miss Kristie Made for us so we were ready to join Miss Shannen on the mat to sings our special Chritsmas songs, read Murray’s book and talk about all the Chritsmas activities we got ready:

  • On the Chritsmas Tree table Children were able to create some angels using different colours and applying glue and cotton on the wings to make them more fluffy
  • On the Present table children have been painting a special Crhitsmas Stars using a mixture of glue and paint so we could spread some glitter on top to make them shinning

At 10:30 am we got a special visit, Miss Hayley came to our weekly yoga practice with us, children learn about loving others but also to take love ourselfs, they did some breathing excercises and yoga stretching following the music and to finish the class they made a big circle where had to pass one by one a big ball that opens a closes helping the children to follow they breathing with the ball.

After packing away all the activities we joined Miss Stacey on the mat to practice some more Crhitsmas songs, everybody is doing an amazing job singing and we can’t wait for our Crhitsmas party so all of you can enjoy  your beautiful kids performing all the singing and dancing

For lunch we could enjoy some delicious veggie and cheese sandwiches which everybody loved it!! Now its time to have a rest and turn on all our Crhitsmas lights on to have a more pleasent nap.

Thanks for one more amazing day senior kindy friends and we will see you tomorrow again 🙂


Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea