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Hello and good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome to Thursday the 16th of January 2020.

This morning we had another raining morning that made our yard and sandpit just a little bit to wet for us to all go out and play but we all joined in the Senior Kindy room with all our friends from Pre Kindy and had a lovely morning playing all together in the room exploring. We stayed indoors till 8:30am when more friends arrived the sun came out just enough to dry up the wet areas and we were all ready to go and play!

We had sandpit area open and lots of sandpit toys and buckets and again with the wet weather we had perfect sandcastle sand, the trucks were digging up sand and transporting it around the sandpit area making big piles and the children have been loving playing in the larger cubby out in the yard this morning we had a drive through cake shop serving some very yummy cakes and drinks as our friends passed trough.

With the raining weather came the humidity and we all were ready to head back inside into the cool air-conditioning room for our mat time and our morning tea. We all lined up as a train and today we were off to New Zealand with a slight detour past our mat area. Miss Stacey read some stories from our book shelf and we sung the rainbow song, good morning song, days of the week and welcome to country. We were all very hungry and couldn’t wait for morning tea as the children transitioned off the mat and to the bathroom to wash their hands we all sung together our hand washing song. For morning tea we all enjoyed freshly baked and still warm banana and choc chip muffins with a selection of fresh fruits to fill up our bellies and we loved our muffins today eating them all up!

Once all our friends had finished eating their morning tea we were all off to play and have free choice activities, today we had a few friends who’s interest is ‘cars’ so Miss Shannen got some tape and made our very our car race track on the ground for all our friends to play cars. And what a hit it was for all our friends we all had a wonderful time on the track it was so much fun! We also had many friends loving the dress ups and café. We also had a group of friends help Miss Stacey feed our fish friends.

Thank you to all our families for bringing in and sending in their family photos gosh they are all just divine keep them coming in please we love seeing them all.

Please also keep in mind that next Thursday the 23rd of January from 3pm-4pm we will be having an Australia Day celebration afternoon we hope to see everyone there to enjoy a fun afternoon of games, music and yummy food celebrating everything Australian! We are kindly asking if everyone can please bring in a small plate to share and we are encouraging everyone to dress up in green and gold and anything Australian donating a Gold Coin with all funds raised going to all the families and animals in the bushfires.

See you all tomorrow

Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx

Written by elcseniorkindy

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