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Good afternoon to all our senior kindy families and welcome to the Senior kindy blog to know more about all the fun we had today!

First of all we would like to desire to Miss Shannen a good recovery and see you back on the senior kindy class, we missed you today!!

Today, despite the bad weather, we had the best day at kindy because there is no better plan than a movie session with our comfy pyjamas having a big storm outside!

Our morning started in pre kindy class enjoying the big rice tray, doing some coloring, and engaging with all the pre kindy friends until 9 am that we came to our class after stopping first in the bathroom and washing our hands so we could enjoy some yummy morning tea: coconut yogurt with homemade granola and fresh seasonal fruits that Miss Nataly prepared for us, then we joined Miss Stacey on the mat to sing our good morning song, ABC and read some books, we also stand up to show everyone our super pyjama outfit, everybody including Miss Stacey came with their pyjamas! Thanks for the participation senior kindy! Just Miss Bea didn’t do it, she decided to come as a reindeer so we thought it would be a good idea to paint a red nose to everybody as Rudolph!

Because it’s been raining the whole day we decided to have an indoor disco party  so we could burn some energy: we danced the sleepy bunnies, party freeze song, north pole freeze song and the crazy frog jingle bells, we had soo much fun dancing all together and shaking our bodies in all the ways possible, just when we finished Miss Kate and Miss Kim came to pick some of our friends to go to tumble tots so we decided to wait for them to come back so we could start our movie session, children were very engaged with all the activities offered on the tables:

–          Letter Identification Threading Activity: Focusing on children’s fine motor, hand-eye co-ordination, and literacy skills.

–          Mermaid Wooden Dolls: Pretend Play and Social Play. Using the Imagination

–          Giant Puzzle: Encouraging Team Work and Cognitive Thinking

–          Flower Connectors: Hand-Eye and Fine Motor Skills and Colour Identification

At 10:30 , once that the beds and cushions were on the floor, lights off and the tv connected, the children sat down altogether to enjoy our super movie of the day!! THE GRINCH!! Every child had a bowl with some special treats as popcorn and chocolate cookies that some of our friends brought them today to share with all of us, thanks so much for sharing! Children literally had the best time watching the movie with all their friends around. After half hour of the movie, we stopped it to make our beds and get ready for lunch, sushi bowls served with lots of veggies and marinated tofu, everyone did an excellent job during all the meal times, we can feel how day by day they are getting more responsible and aware of it 🙂

Now it’s rest time having the rain as the soundtrack waiting for a cozy afternoon to finish our special movie.

Thanks senior kindy for a day full of fun and lots of cuddles, we can’t wait to see you tomorrow again!!


Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Bea and Mister Pete xxx